White Port And Tonic Is The Best Drink EVER That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

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White Port And Tonic Is The Best Drink EVER That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Aug 15, 2017

I first discovered Port during a trip Portugal last fall, when my boyfriend James, his mom, and I did a tasting in the Douro Valley. I learned two things that afternoon: 1)I really, really like port wine and 2)Port wine is really alcoholic.

A little background: Port wine isn’t a regular wine, it’s a cool wine! Or, in non-Mean Girls terms, it’s a sweeter and boozier version of what you’re probably used to drinking with dinner. You’ve definitely seen it on a fancy dessert menu, but it’s not a super popular thing in the US. Port grows exclusively in Portugal’s Douro Valley (hence why it’s called “Port”), and comes in a few different flava-flavs including red, white, rosé and an aged version called “Tawny Port.” It’s distilled with some sort of spirit, like brandy which is why it will get you *~*LIT*~* much faster than your regular old table Chard.

Now that I’m back in Portugal for the second time, I’ve found a whole new (and more traditional!) way to drink my Port, which doesn’t end with me saying anything inappropriate to my boyfriend’s mom or waking up with a hangover. Enter: White Port and Tonic. 

What could be more refreshing? #quintadonoval #whiteportandtonic

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James and I discovered our new favorite cocktail one night when we were out to dinner at an adorable little restaurant called Agua no Bico. (Technically he discovered it when he asked for te most “authentic” cocktail on the menu and this was the waitress’s suggestion). From the first sip, we were both hooked. It’s light and delicious, and the bitterness of the tonic water balances out the sweetness of the Port so you aren’t getting too much of either flavor. It reminds me a little bit of an Aperol Spritz, but IMHO it’s even more delicious.

Apparently, we’re late to the game, because earlier this year The Guardian called the cocktail “the drink of the summer.” Portuguese peeps have been sipping on it for decades, and it’s high time it makes its way onto NYC rooftops.

And the best part? Making it is literally as simple as it gets:

  1. Fill a glass with ice
  2. Add one part White Port
  3. Add two parts tonic
  4. Stir.

It’s basically a vodka soda, but will make you feel marginally classier. If you’re really feelin’ fancy you can garnish with some lemon, orange or grapefruit, or top it off with elderflower. But honestly, you don’t even need any of it because the drink is that good on its own. #Trust.

Cheers, you guys!


Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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