#TBT To My College Graduation

May 31, 2015
In true Georgetown fashion, there are countless traditions associated with our graduation. Each year, on graduation eve, there is a black tie event at union station, followed by after parties, followed by the entire senior class going to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the sunrise.

The ball was fantastic, though my only real memories are of dancing to “SHOUT!” and eating 75,000 mini dumplings. Afterward, I took my family to Rhino (which has since closed down) where my mom proceeded to go barefoot and leave her Jimmy Choo’s on the bar. After my family (rightfully) decided it was time to end the night, my group of friends threw one after party after another until it was time to walk (cab.) to the monuments.

Being there, all sitting on the steps together watching the sunrise in half-tuxedos and beer stained ball gowns, was one of the best things I have ever experienced. Look how happy we all are! Honestly, it was the best.

After sunrise, determined to stay awake until graduation (which started at 9am), my friends and I went to “Steak and Shake” for breakfast. By the time we got home, it was time to put on our caps and gowns to line up for the procession.

I put my new dress, new shoes, cap and gown on, and promptly fell asleep on the foot of my bed.

An hour later, I awoke to my roommates older sister violently shaking me.

“ZOE. You have to get up. It’s 9:15. Graduation has started.”

………. What??

I bolted out of bed and made a run for it.

Cap in hand and gown flailing in the wind, I DEAD sprinted past the 600 people sitting on the front lawn listening to President Degioias’ opening remarks– including my parents, who had no idea I hadn’t come in with the rest of the class. (Arnold Schwarzenegger was there too.)

As if this wasn’t bad enough, as soon as the Dean started calling names, I realized I had forgotten my “Academic Hood.”

“You need it!” barked the lady who was in charge of all of the back row, delinquent graduates (which included me and two of my friends)

So, as swiftly as I had come in, I sprinted back out of graduation back to my house to pickup my “Academic Hood.”

I lived right around the corner from the front gates, so getting back and forth quickly wasn’t that big of a deal. Except that the door was locked. Refusing to go back to graduation looking like a bigger idiot than I already was, I did what any sane person would do: hopped the 10 foot fence in the back yard (cap and gown still on) and broke into my own house.

Finally, armed with cap, gown and academic hood (and only 45 minutes late), I was ready to graduate. Luckily, my last name starts with a W.

Lookin Good!


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