I Styled My Eyebrows With Soap And I’m Never Going Back


I Styled My Eyebrows With Soap And I’m Never Going Back

Oct 31, 2016

I have a complicated relationship with my eyebrows. I had a Frida Kahlo-style unibrow until I was 14 (it looked a lot better on her than it did on me), and recently had a tweezing accident that left me without half of my left brow. I also happen to have a vicious cowlick, which makes styling my brows on a daily basis a major pain in the butt. So when I heard that beauty bloggers were using soap to style their eyebrows, I figured what the hell? It couldn’t possibly be worse than anything my brows and I have already been through together.

Basically, bloggers have been taking a wet eyebrow brush, scrubbing it over a basic bar of soap, and then brushing it into their eyebrows. The waxy texture of the soap is supposed to give you fuller brows while also allowing you to style them the same way an eyebrow gel would, but allegedly better.

The blogger trick got its official stamp of approval when eyebrow-gurus-turned-cosmetics-brand Anastasia of Beverly Hills posted a tutorial to its Instagram. It pictures a girl with thin, wispy brows using a wet bar of soap to give herself some added thickness volume, and — kind of surprisingly, TBH — it works…

Head over to to learn how.

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