I Rented A Yacht In Portugal And Honestly It Was The Best Thing Ever


I Rented A Yacht In Portugal And Honestly It Was The Best Thing Ever

Aug 8, 2017

I’ve always dreamed of going on Yacht Week. The idea of posting up with 10 of my best friends and drinking in the lap of luxury while wearing a bikini for 7 days straight is my idea of heaven. Sadly, because I am a struggling writer/blogger/hustler who doesn’t exactly have $2,000 to shell out on 7 days of drinking in paradise (… or to pay for anything beyond food and beauty products), I kissed those dreams goodbye a lOoOoNg time ago.

Then, someone told me about Sailo — the AirBnB of boats, and I got to have a taste of the #goodlife for a few hours.

The site allows you to rent a boat in pretty much any city in the world (yeah, in the US too) — and has some pretty LEGIT options. The prices are a pretty solid range, and you can schedule your trip for 2 hours or like, 2 weeks. So, in honor of  my ~SeXiii~ BF’s birthday, we rented a 42-foot YACHT (yeah, I said yacht), grabbed 16 of the most photogenic people we know, and set sail down the Tagus river at sunset. For 2 hours, sadly not for 2 weeks.

We popped bottles, then took photos in which we legit looked like models, and now I know what Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid must have felt like when they were promoting #FyreFestival (RIP). I also provided a generous plate of meats and cheeses (of which I ate exactly 3/4 of), and James blew out the candles on a decadent chocolate cake. It was heaven in the purest and bougiest sense.

I wish I could take full credit for how amazing the night was (still waiting on my “girlfriend of the year award,” FYI), but Sailo and it’s amazingness was a huge part of it too. Here are some photos of us living our best lives, and fulfilling all of our wildest #PortuGOALS.

Photos by the talented Jay (Dred) Harrison, who makes all of look like models on a reg basis. 

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