How To Have The Perfect Solo Day in Bondi Beach

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How To Have The Perfect Solo Day in Bondi Beach

Aug 28, 2017

As a practice, solo travel isn’t really my thing. BUT, when I’m traveling with a group (which, on Remote Year, happens All. The. Time), I try to carve out a few hours for myself so I can take in a little #metime and experience a place exactly how I want to. On a recent trip to Sydney’s Bondi Beach, I took a morning “off” from the girls I was traveling with (I love them to death, though!) to bop around and do my own thing. And honestly? It was pretty much the best few hours ever. I’ve listed out exactly what I did all day. Full disclosure, my friend did join me halfway through the afternoon, but the activities would have been just as wonderful had I been by myself.

Here’s your guide to the perfect solo day in Bondi Beach… In case you ever find yourself  flying solo halfway around the world.


Walk/Run The Bondi-To-Bronte Beach Walk

If you are going to do one thing in Australia, do this. It has some of the most unequivocally beautiful views I’ve ever seen, and goes on seemingly forever. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the walk stretches for almost 10 miles above Sydney’s picturesque beaches. The walk itself is five miles (… so, 10 miles if you want to go there and back) but the best views IMHO are between Bondi and the Waverly Graveyard. Walk, run, stop for photos, do whatever you want for however long you want  — THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF ME TIME!!


Grab A Coffee From Lush

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Once you have thoroughly exhausted yourself, grab a coffee and a snack from beachfront cafe Lush, and park it on the steps (or on the sand) and give yourself a moment to CTFO. If you’re looking for a more hearty breakfast, try Earth Food Spot (which isn’t beachfront, but is healthy and delicious). And if you want a donut, try Donut Time, because fuck it — you’re in Australia and you just walked/ran a half marathon.


Check Out The Street Art

The street art around Bondi Beach is created by local artists and rotates every few weeks, and like everything in Australia is just really freaking cool. It’s worth taking a walk around — I know your legs are def tired from running a million miles but it’s not that long, I swear — and seeing each of the different images up close. Plus, TBH, they make really amazing backgrounds for Insta photos.


Have Lunch At The Bucket List

This beachfront spot has great food and cocktails and an ocean view. It’s hand-painted decorations are the stuff of summer vacation dreams, and eating here means you barely even have to leave the beach.


Get A Tattoo At Bondi Ink


This place is famous… Just make sure you don’t get anything cliché like, “Wanderlust” or “All those who wander are not lost” like I almost did. But when in Australia, right?


Bop Around Bondi’s Township

The shops in Bondi are beyond. Imagine SOHO meets Williamsburg meets a little slice of heaven. Bondi Wash is a great source for all things natural beauty, and Nimble Activewear offers Aussie-exclusive athleisure that gives Outdoor Voices a run for it’s $$$. For some other great Australian designer duds, check out Tuchuzy, Jac + Jack, and (my personal favorite due to the amaaaaazing minimalist jewelry selection) Playa by Lucy Folk.


Take A Surf Lesson

Going to Australia and not, at the very least, attempting to surf is like going to Paris and skipping out on the Eiffel tower. Check out AirBnB experiences, which has a great surfing experience with a guy named Steve. He’s a Bondi local and all-around great guy, and even if you are a terrible surfer (which I was), it’s still a really fun experience.


Have Dinner At Milky Lane

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Surfing is a really. Fucking. Hard. Workout… Especially when you’re trying to look cute in front of your hot Aussie swim teacher. Head over to Milky Lane (which is, thankfully, walking distance from the beach) for an alcohol milkshake and one of the biggest and best burgers you’ll probably ever eat. You’ve been sOoOo healthy all day! Also, be sure to check out the mural in the back, which is a recreation of Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” feat. Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Drake and Snoop Dogg. So random, and so cool.



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