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I Got To Be In A Flash Mob!

May 31, 2017

It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to be in a flash mob, and thanks to my friend Will that dream became a reality in Bangkok last week when he decided to propose via flash mob.

… So not only did I get to be in a flash mob, I GOT TO BE IN A PROPOSAL FLASH MOB. And it was basically the best thing ever.

TBH, I wasn’t super involved in the planning (/at all involved in the planning), but showed up at the Amarin mall a few hours before the big event for rehearsal. There were six professional Thai dancers doing back flips and spins all over the courtyard, and I came very close to bolting for the fear that I would ruin the entire proposal by messing up the dance. Thankfully the “Remote Year” version of the dance (Will wanted as many of us to take part in it) was much, much simpler, and basically involved waving our arms and clapping a few times, which was much more my speed.

We practised for an hour, I fell down the stairs twice, and then we waited for Brandon (the lucky man of the hour) to show up. I ate a Big Mac and wondered if anyone would ever give me an America’s Best Dance Crew worthy proposal.

I won’t ruin it for you, but let’s just say he was VERY surprised. But, spoiler alert, he said yes.


Watch the whole thing here (and FYI, you WILL CRY):

And this is me, reacting to the most beautiful love ever:

Congratulations, you two love birds! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

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