I Contour My Boobs And It’s Honestly The Best Thing Ever


I Contour My Boobs And It’s Honestly The Best Thing Ever

Apr 30, 2017

As a lifelong member of the IBTC (itty bitty…you get it), I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have big boobs. As a preteen, I got boobs before any of my friends did and had one blissful summer of being the only girl at Camp Mataponi who needed a bra. But then they just kind of…stopped growing. As everyone around me started blossoming into B’s, C’s and D’s, my A cups wouldn’t budge.

I did all the things Google told me to in an attempt to make them grow (Eat more pasta! Massage them every night before bed! Stop wearing a bra!), but it was hopeless. My high school boyfriend constantly made comments about how he wished my boobs were bigger, and it only made me feel worse about something I’d always been insecure about.

Deep down I knew it shouldn’t matter. I should be happy to have boobs and not worry about back pain or bralettes’ not fitting. But the way we feel about our bodies isn’t always logical. I even came very close to getting a boob job the summer before I went to college. But I chickened out at the last minute when the plastic surgeon started making the incision marks on my chest. I realized what a major, scary surgery it would be.

After that I pretty much accepted my lot in life as a permanent A cup—until I saw a video on Instagram of a woman contouring her boobs. With a few flecks of highlighter and bronzer, she went up three cup sizes in a matter of minutes. It was straight-up sorcery.

The first time I tried it was on an early-stages date with my now boyfriend (who, I should mention, likes my boobs just the way they are—not that a guy’s opinion should matter, I’ve learned). We were going on a really fancy date to celebrate our first month together, and I bought a new LBD for the occasion. Per usual, I thought I’d feel more comfortable with a little extra oomph underneath it and decided to test out the boob contouring trick I’d seen online.

And let me tell you: It worked.

Head over to to learn how to get the look yourself.

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