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I Hiked A Glacier In Iceland And Found The World’s Best Kept Skincare Secret

September 1, 2017

The most important thing I learned in Iceland is that Volcanic ash skincare is life changing. But let me back up. I have something kind of embarrassing to admit: When I got to Iceland, I was pretty confused about the difference

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9 Tips For Visiting Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

August 23, 2017

The Blue Lagoon is basically the Disneyland of Iceland. It’s touristy AF, and happens to be 100% manmade (who knew?!), but is also one of those “you’ve gotta do it because everyone else has done it and Instagrammed about it” things that we

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City Guides Iceland

4 Days And The Coolest Activities EVER in Iceland

August 21, 2017

My curiosity about Iceland was piqued the first time I heard the gorgeous blonde girl in D2: The Mighty Ducks explain that  “Greenland is covered in Ice but Iceland is actually very nice.” It took me 20ish years to get

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