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Trying To Understand The “Long Necked Women” of Myanmar

May 17, 2017

The Long Necked Women of Myanmar. I’d seen them plastered in the pages of National Geographic and The Guiness Book of World Record, but beyond  thinking “wow, I like their jewelry,” I never really given them much ocnsideration. I never knew where they came

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Culture Myanmar

Culture Shock: The One Legged Rowers Of Inle Lake

March 31, 2017

As a full time traveling remote worker (who also has lives with her boyfriend, calls her mom once a day, texts with her friends/siblings often, goes out all the time and waxes her entire body regularly) I  tend to make a

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Myanmar Remote Year

#MyTravelDiary: Seeing The Sunset In Bagan Isn’t Just About The Instagram Photo

March 29, 2017

When I landed at the Bagan airport on the morning of my one day in the ancient city, there was only one thing on my mind: Seeing the sunset. I have been staring at a photo of the setting Southeast

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24 Hours And Infinity Buddhas in Yangon

March 28, 2017

I have to admit — when my mom suggested spending the last five days of her Southeast Asia trip in Myanmar, I didn’t really get it. TBH,  The only things I knew about the country, formerly known as “Burma,” was

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7 Actually Important Things You Need To Know Before Going To Myanmar

March 26, 2017

Myanmar is cool AF. It may not be as popular as Thailand or Vietnam (or Cambodia or Singapore or Hong Kong or… You get the picture), but as someone who’s done her fair share of bopping around South East Asia, I

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Culture Myanmar

Culture Shock: Understanding “Betel Leaves,” AKA Asian Chewing Tobacco

March 25, 2017

A gross, little-known fact about me: I’ve tried chewing tobacco. I was a junior in college, and was in the process of pledging a “Business fraternity.” It was the last night of pledging (otherwise known as “retreat,” otherwise known as

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