This All-Natural Physical Sunscreen Will Legit Change Your Life


This All-Natural Physical Sunscreen Will Legit Change Your Life

Aug 24, 2017

Beauty products weigh a lot (side note, can someone do something about this??), which means that as a traveler I have to be really, really discerning about what I take with me and what I decide to ditch. I started the year with nearly 20 pounds of makeup, skincare and haircare, but quickly realized that I wasn’t willing to sacrifice suitcase space for things I only used every once in a while.

SO, after 7 months, my makeup and toiletry bags are filled only with the best of the best… AKA my absolute favorite products that I use every day, and genuinely couldn’t live without. From now on, I’m going to share one of these products with you guys every week, Cool? Cool.

First up is Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Tinte, which is quite possibly the best product I have ever. used. in. my. life.

Sooo, what is it? It’s sunscreen, but with a game changing twist.

You know when you go to the beach and rub sunscreen on your face (which you should be doing at least every hour!!!), then spend the next 20 minutes trying not to look like a ghost? Yeah, that will never happen with this stuff.

The Umbra Tinte is an SPF 30 physical sunscreen, like zinc, which means that it physically blocks both UVA and UVB rays by sitting on top of your skin and deflecting them. This is different from “chemical” sunscreen, which is probably what you’re used to using, which organically absorb UV rays and transfer them into heat. It’s all very science-y, but hopefully you get the gist.

When it comes to your face, dermatologists generally agree that physical sunscreen is king because it offers the most protection from all those skin cancer causing rays. BUT, if we’re really being honest, most people feel pretty “meh” about it because usually it makes you look like the aforementioned 👻. UNTIL NOW.

Umbra Tinte does everything that your regular, super-protective bottle of zinc would do, but it’s tinted brown. Which means that when you put it on, your skin won’t look white. No joke, I opened this product for the first time and immediately asked why no one had thought of this before.

Like all of DE’s products (most of which I am similarly obsessed with), the Umbra Tinte is all natural and free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. It’s loaded with antioxidants like astaxanthin, grape juice extract, and sunflower shoot extract, which helps defend against free radicals and other damage-causing ish from the environment.

Why am I so obsessed? TBH, until  I found Umbra Tinte I was never that great at wearing sunscreen everyday, which is a sacrilegious thing to admit to as a beauty writer.  But now, I feel like it’s legit the only product I need.

Since the Umbra Tinte is a physical sunscreen, unlike most tinted moisturizers (which are chemical sunscreens), it offers full coverage as well as complete protection. I put it on every morning on top of my regular moisturizer, and don’t need to wear foundation or even concealer to feel like my “imperfections” (read: zits) are covered. It goes on smoothly and stays on all day (though, if you’re going to be in direct sunlight for an extended period, you should reapply), and it doesn’t get in my eyes when I sweat, which is a hugely important thing for me.

It’s also, ya know, going to protect me from getting skin cancer (and wrinkles…) which is a definite plus.

Buy it here. You won’t regret it. 

DRUNK ELEPHANT Umbra Tinte™ Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30, $36,


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