7 All-Natural Products That TSA Won’t Take From Your Carry On


7 All-Natural Products That TSA Won’t Take From Your Carry On

Apr 19, 2017

This just in, in terrifying beauty news: Products with the word “natural” on their packaging may not necessarily be “safe” for your hair, skin or body.

Since the laws in the US don’t require cosmetics to have FDA approval before they go on the market, there’s no regulation over what, exactly, qualifies as “natural.” So a lot of the time, products that contain *some* natural ingredients slap the word “natural” on the label, even though they also happen to have chemicals in them. “Many of these products contain harsh preservatives or synthetic ingredients that create skin sensitivity and have environmental concerns,” says dermatologist [Dr. Kalpana DePasqaule]( So even if you think you’re using something natural based on the bottle, it may actually be filled with toxic substances.

… Kind of scary, right?

“The word ‘natural’ can be very misleading when it comes to your skin care products, unfortunately,” says Dr. Depasquale. “Clever marketing can make a product sound like it is good for you even though it contains ingredients that can irritate your skin or cause harm to your body. There is no standard or regulation to dictate what “natural” means or what percent of the ingredients must come from natural sources.”

Because of this, it’s important to actually read the ingredients on the back of the bottle so you know you aren’t getting any parabens/sulfates/other dangerous stuff that can really mess with your bod. Luckily, I did that for you.

Here are 7 all-natural beauty products, all under 3 ounces, that you can take in your carry on and know are 100% safe. You’re welcome.

1. Marvis Travel Toothpastes



There is nothing worse than post-airplane breath, but somehow even knowing that I still manage to forget toothpaste every SINGLE time I fly. These adorable, all-natural options from Marvis taste delicious and look like mini little beauty accessories. So cute!



2. Touch Germ Block


No matter where/when/why you’re traveling, you NEED hand sanitizer. There is so much gross stuff out there, you guys. Some people freak out about it because it kills germs and puts you at a higher risk of getting sick, but this sanitizer in particular actually blocks the germs from getting on your skin. It’s basically the same principle as putting sunscreen on before you go outside — aka preventative. With Touch Germ Block (the name is questionable, but it does get the point across) you’re 99.9% protected from germs, so they don’t even have the chance to get on you skin and give you an infection. Pretty cool, right?

3. TULA Hand & Nail Therapy


Flying makes literally every part of your skin and body dry, and by the end of a flight you wind up feeling like you just spent a week in the Sahara with no water. For the most part, we’re pretty diligent about putting moisturizer on our faces after a flight, but (if you’re anything like me, at least) you probably wind up forgetting about lubing up your hands. TULA’s Hand & Nail Therapy helps combat daily wear and tear, and includes Shea butter to provide non-greasy, fast-absorbing hydratoin to your hands. The licorice in the product also works as an anti-inflammatory, which is great for reducing post-plane swelling.


4. WelleCo Super Elixir Calming Mist, $34

The inside of an airplane is stuffy, smelly and all around uncomfortable. A few spritzes of the Sleep Welle calming mist will totally transport you to somewhere a lot better by surrounding you with Australian essential oils like lavender, vetiver and chamomile. These herbs also help calm anxiety, so will help you fall asleep and make for a much less anxious flight.

5. Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes With White Tea Extract


As far as natural products go, Burt’s Bees is the OG. They’ve been providing chemical-free products since long before it was a trendy thing todo, so naturally (… sorry) they’re one of the best. These cleansing cloths are perfect for long travel days because they work to get all the icky airport germs off of your face, and don’t require a full facial cleansing in the airport sink (honestly, though — I don’t get how people do that). You can also use them on your hands and pits (we all know you’ll want to) so they’re a great multi-use item that won’t take up a whole lotta precious space in your bag.

6. S.W. Basics Cream 

S.W. Basics Cream,

Remember that whole “dryness on airplanes” thing we were just talking about? S.W. basics has got you covered. Unlike most moisturizers, which use water as a base, this cream uses coconut oil, shea butter and olive to make it extra penetrating and hydrating. Technically, it’s meant for your face, but you can use it to nourish your skin all over. It absorbs deep into your thirstyyyyy skin and stays there, and is super rich so one jar will last for an entire year’s worth of vacations.

7. Beautycounter Lip Conditioner Calendula Balm


This lip balm is so natural, you can have it as a snack in case of any long delays. It’s packed with hydrating oils like avocado, meadowfoam, and jojoba,  and has skin soothers like calendula and chamomile oils. Be warned, though — the chic packaging makes it an instant conversation starter with your seatmate, who will almost definitely want to know what it is and where you got it (hopefully they don’t ask to use any).


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